A Path to Optimal Health

A Path to Optimal Health

A Path to Optimal HealthA Path to Optimal HealthA Path to Optimal Health

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Dr. Drew Johnson is a forward-thinking, unconventional doctor that will change your way of thinking about healthcare.   He has trained with some of the most revolutionary minds in the health and wellness industry.  These progressive experts include Dr. John Brimhall, Dr. Jeff Spencer and Dr. Alan Bonebrake

Dr. Drew has fine-tuned his skillset with the above individuals and more to develop his own unique, quick and effective treatment sessions to achieve optimal results for patients.  He can strategically locate and address weak muscles; fascial and visceral restrictions; areas of tension; areas of physical, mental or emotional stress; subluxations in spinal and extremity joints; anaylze labs and ultimately connect the dots to find the root cause of problems.   

These methods have helped athletes take their performance to the next level,

patients recover from injuries quicker, the average person handle daily stressors, as well as those with chronic illness or dysfunction that can't seem to find relief anywhere else. 

Whatever challenge you are facing, from wonder years to wisdom years, regaining optimal health makes all the difference.  

Dr. Drew recently relocated to The Woodlands/Magnolia area from College Station and is excited to serve our community!

Dr. Drew Johnson

Dr. Drew Johnson


Gina Johnson is an avid researcher and constantly on the look out for new holistic treatments to common ailments.  Her "out of the box" philosophy in treating her own family and clients has made her the perfect compliment to Dr. Drew Johnson and his patients.  She loves sharing the latest and greatest wellness information with anyone who is interested.  If she doesn't know the answer to your question, she will find it!

Aside from assisting Dr. Drew and his patients, Gina is a licensed massage therapist.  She was guided to becoming a therapist during her own journey to wellness.  Massage therapy helped her improve her overall physical and emotional health.  It removed the tension in her muscles, improved the integrity of her fascia, as well as improved her circulation and lymphatic flow.  This reduced her stress and boosted her immune system.  

Gina has operated her own massage therapy practice in The Woodlands for the past three years.  She is now eager to help others benefit from her knowledge and expertise.

Gina Johnson

Gina Johnson, BS, LMT

The Practice

Our Mission

Our Perspective

Our Mission

To serve God by serving our
community through education and 

Functional Health Care.  

Our Goal

Our Perspective

Our Mission

Wellness is more than being free from illness: it is a process of change and growth towards a mentally, spiritually and physically healthy lifestyle.  

Whether you're trying to achieve a fitness goal or need support with an injury or chronic illness, we aim to help you and your family achieve your wellness goals now and for years to come through functional health, chiropractic and massage therapy.

Our Perspective

Our Perspective

Our Perspective

 You were fearfully and wonderfully made.  You are blessed with a self-healing, self-regulating body. The stresses of life can create anatomical interference to the communication network of the body, rendering it incapable of performing the required tasks of timely healing or efficient regulation of physiological functions.  Removing interference while providing proper nourishment allows the body to perform at a higher level and/or heal quicker.

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